BenQ FP222W 22-Inch Widescreen Monitor

BenQ's 22-inch widescreen LCD monitor, baptized as the FP222W, is set to hit store sometime this month and brings with it a series of features that make it more than just a pretty face (or bezel, as the case may be). It tops out at a resolution of 1680x1050 pixels and its 5ms response time ensures that you're not…

Fiber Optic HDMI Cable

When digital ain't good enough to transfer your AV, you might as well get all wonky and tranfer it using pure light. Once the digital signal is translated by a fiber optic converter, it's immune to signal noise. That means they can run up to 100 meters, without a problem. One problem, however, is the price. With…

Gefen HD Mate 23

This strange little box allows you to run two component and one DVI source to your 23" Apple Cinema display. That's right—that's all this $298.95 box does. Plus it has an iPod scroll wheel on the front. Essentially, you can use your big, sexy, expensive display to play XBox 360 or watch up to 1080i content. [Thanks,