The Odds of Dying in a Freak Accident Are Higher Than You Think

When I hear that someone (usually in Florida) died in some freak accident that involves fireworks or sidewalks or parked cars or wild animals, I wonder to myself, what the hell are the odds of that freaking happening? The good thing? They're pretty high! The bad thing? It really, really sucks for that poor soul who's… » 2/16/13 2:00am 2/16/13 2:00am

Blackened, Dying Skin Is The Latest Cocaine Side Effect

Cocaine users are reportedly flooding hospitals with blackened, dying skin and compromised immune systems. The culprit is not the cocaine itself, but the white powder being used to cut the drug. » 8/24/11 1:30am 8/24/11 1:30am

Number of Kids Dying Under TVs Increasing as Flat TV Sales Go Up

Once upon a time—when I was a little kid playing in the small living room where my siblings and I played Lego—we almost died. Our huge ITT color TV tried to kill us with all its wood-paneled power. » 12/14/09 11:58pm 12/14/09 11:58pm

Wind Turbines Murdering Bats By Popping Their Lungs

On the list of ways to go, having your lungs explode is definitely on the gnarlier side. Too bad for bats in treehugging locales, though, because that's what's happening » 8/25/08 7:00pm 8/25/08 7:00pm to them, due to a pretty serious error with their awesome echolcation systems crossing with the seemingly benign forces of Bernoulli's principle put…

Wi-Fi May Cause Death, Or Something Even More Serious

The chairman of the British Health Protection Agency is worried about all that Wi-Fi coverage everywhere. Sir William Stewart is calling for a formal investigation as to whether all that wireless radiation from Starbucks, your house and free municipal access is giving you health problems. Good thing you're not this … » 4/23/07 10:00am 4/23/07 10:00am