$13 iPhone App Faces Off Against, Embarrasses $150 Dedicated Dynometer

We recently reported on Dynolicious » 8/07/08 8:30pm 8/07/08 8:30pm, the $13 app that uses the iPhone's accelerometer to meter your car's performance, and mentioned a few positive impressions that surfaced in the app's early days. Sure, the idea is appealing and makes theoretical sense, but I at least need vaguely scientific confirmation that this…

iPhone Apps We Like: Dynolicious Car Performance Meter

Dynolicious is an all-purpose automotive performance meter, utilizing the built-in accelerometer in the iPhone and iPod touch to record your driving characteristics. BunsenTech, the makers of the software, claim that it can record 0-60 times within .08 of a second, accurately estimate your current speed and monitor… » 7/29/08 9:20pm 7/29/08 9:20pm