Are You Ready for a Dyson Airblade/Mitsubishi Jet Towel Battlemodo?

Whether you like it or not, this thing is about to get switched ON: » 9/07/07 2:30pm 9/07/07 2:30pm

We talked to Sir James' US reps, and they are getting us a unit ASAP.

Dyson Says Airblade Would Beat Mitsubishi Jet Towel in Battlemodo

We have it on tape. Today, James Dyson (whose friends call him Sir) told us that Airblade would stomp the crap out of Mitsubishi's Jet Towel in a hand-drying face-off. Those are our words; you'll have to watch the video to see how the charming and diplomatic Englishman puts it. But while you watch, make sure you pay… » 6/26/07 4:20pm 6/26/07 4:20pm

James Dyson Shows Giz His Airblade

Today, we caught up with revolutionary vacuum inventor and impresario James Dyson in a makeshift restroom at the AMC Theaters on 42nd St in New York. Dressed like an off-duty samurai, the smiley and recently knighted Sir James gave us a personal demo of his new hand-drying mechanism, the Airblade. Yes, you've seen… » 6/26/07 1:50pm 6/26/07 1:50pm

Dyson Airblade: 400mph, No Hot Air

James Dyson, billionaire inventor of expensive vacuum cleaners, has time on his hands to worry about bathroom bacteria, so he created the Dyson Airblade, a supercharged hand dryer that pumps room-temperature air through a tiny slot at 400mph. Dyson claims the device uses a "windshield-wiper" effect, drying both hands… » 10/03/06 9:26am 10/03/06 9:26am