Short film: What you need to know about vaping and e-cigarettes

Vaping and e-cigarettes are everywhere these days. More and more people are carrying around those cylindrical metal flutes and blowing out giant cloud puffs that it all seems so common. But because the industry is so new, no one really knows what's going to happen. The New Yorker made this short doc to find out. »11/19/14 8:29pm11/19/14 8:29pm

The Maker of Vuse E-Cigs Is Lobbying to Ban Vaping (Updated)

The biggest of the big tobacco companies, RJ Reynolds, which also owns the fast-growing e-cig brand Vuse, is trying real hard to convince lawmakers to ban vaping. That might sound ass-backwards, but it isn't. The firm is almost certainly hoping to stymie the competition by making sure its disposable "cigalikes" pass… »9/11/14 11:09am9/11/14 11:09am

Should E-Cigarettes Be Banned As "Hazardous Materials" On Flights?

Not only will e-cigarettes mess you up if you smoke them too much, they are now under scrutiny for listing as a flight hazard. The New York Times reports that officials at Boston's Logan International Airport are asking the Transportation Department to consider classifying e-cigarettes as hazardous materials after a… »8/14/14 1:26am8/14/14 1:26am

Why E-Cigarettes Might Not Be as Safe as You Think

It's little wonder why e-cigarettes' popularity has exploded into a $2 billion industry over the last few years; the promise of safe, harmless nicotine delivery without all the carcinogenic byproducts of looseleaf combustion is a hard offer to pass up. But are these devices and the nicotinated fluids they atomize… »8/13/14 12:30pm8/13/14 12:30pm

Study: Some E-Cigs Put Out Tobacco-Like Levels of Carcinogens

An upcoming study in the peer-reviewed journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research says that some tank-style e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing formaldehyde in their vapor at levels similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The New York Times, which revealed the findings ahead of publication, says a second study confirms the… »5/04/14 9:12am5/04/14 9:12am

What Tobacco's Past Means for Vaping's Future

The Food and Drug Administration announced today that it wants to regulate electronic cigarettes. This isn't surprising. But there's considerable debate about what those regulations should look like. If history is any guide, the life of your average vaper (vapist? vapethusiast?) is about to get a whole lot harder. »4/24/14 5:56pm4/24/14 5:56pm