Nook GlowLight Review: Pretty Screen, Silly Body

Back in 2012 Barnes and Noble introduced built-in frontlighting to the ereader world, beating Amazon at its own game—for a few months, anyway Since then, there have been not one but two Kindle Paperwhites, but now B&N is bringing out its follow-up Nook GlowLight. And it almost reclaims the top spot. » 11/07/13 2:34pm 11/07/13 2:34pm

E-Ink Smartphone Flip Covers Are a Wonderful Idea

Despite being relatively primitive devices compared to the phones and tablets we all carry, the strength of e-ink displays have kept dedicated ereaders on the market for a lot longer than many had predicted. And at IFA, companies like Alcatel and PocketBook were demoing smartphone flip covers enhanced with an extra… » 9/16/13 4:20pm 9/16/13 4:20pm

This NFC-Powered Bonus E-Ink Display for Your Phone Needs No Batteries

No matter what you're doing at a computer, two displays are always better than one, and that could soon be true for your mobile devices as well. Prototypes of dual-display smartphones have already been demonstrated, but researchers have now revealed a wireless second display for your mobile devices that magically… » 8/20/13 10:06am 8/20/13 10:06am

Reusable e-Ink Luggage Tags Improve the Chances Of Your Bag Arriving

Outside of the fear of flying, the most anxious part of traveling around the world is hoping your bags get to the same destination as you do. The paper tags in use today work, but if they get accidentally torn off your luggage, who knows where it might end up. So starting next month, British Airways will begin testing… » 6/27/13 8:57am 6/27/13 8:57am

An E-Ink Android Would Only Need Charging Once a Week

At first thought, an e-ink smartphone sounds like a terrible idea. Ugh, all that lag. But think about the light weight, low cost, and insane battery life, and you can see why eInk, the company behind the screen in Nooks and Kindles, is pushing its new prototype phone hard. » 2/28/13 3:36am 2/28/13 3:36am

This Dual LCD and E-Ink Phone Will Be Available in 2013

Earlier this year, a prototype of a dual e-ink and LCD phone was floating around. Turns out it's much further down the development road than that, though—and in fact it should be available next year. » 12/12/12 5:30am 12/12/12 5:30am

Self-Updating LCD Grocery Shelf Labels Are Pure Genius

It seems the rumors of e-ink based displays' imminent death at the hands of tablets were greatly exaggerated. Despite a glut of portable color screen devices now on the market, e-book readers are more popular than ever, and a company called ZBD Solutions now wants to use the e-ink technology as easily updateable store… » 11/30/12 2:40pm 11/30/12 2:40pm

Dual E-Ink and LCD Phone Just Means Twice as Many Fingerprint Smudges

It's already stepping on the toes of Amazon's dual-display patent, but at IFA E Ink is showing off a prototype handset featuring a traditional full color LCD panel on the front, and a dull monochrome e-ink display on the back. Kind of like a reverse technological mullet with the party in the front and business in the… » 8/31/12 9:19am 8/31/12 9:19am