The Best Device For Reading Is Still the Phone In Your Pocket

For long-time book lovers, reading on an electronic device can be disorienting experience. The most obvious choice for those going down the e-book path is a device like the Kindle, completely and utterly dedicated to emulating the traditional experience of reading. I've been seduced by the promise of an e-reader… » 10/24/14 12:11pm 10/24/14 12:11pm

My First Kindle: I Finally Stopped Multitasking and Got Lost in a Novel

Still don't have an e-reader? I can respect that. Physical books just feel better. Print is sacred. I'm with you—or at least I was, until our reviews editor thrust a Kindle in my hand and made me use it. » 10/24/14 12:10pm 10/24/14 12:10pm

Just How Much Better Is Amazon's Kindle Voyage Screen?

Amazon's $200 Kindle Voyage e-reader is as good as it gets. We already told you that. But just how good is that new glass screen compared to the Paperwhite's plastic panel? You may (or may not!) be surprised at the difference. » 10/21/14 1:42pm 10/21/14 1:42pm

Yes! You Can Buy a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite

If reading really is all you're in for, the Kindle Paperwhite is hands-down the best little e-reader around. But how do you improve on (near) perfection? Apparently, you waterproof the hell out of it. » 6/23/14 6:00pm 6/23/14 6:00pm

The Kindle Turns 5 Today, and It's Come a Ridiculously Long Way

Today the Kindle turns five and it's come a long, long way in that past half-decade. In case you don't remember, in 2007 the first generation Kindle had a 800 x 600 screen, 250 MB internal memory, and was the only model to ever have a microSD slot. And it launched for the low, low price of $400. Despite the pricetag,… » 11/19/12 1:00pm 11/19/12 1:00pm

Amazon Discontinuing the Kindle Touch

Just a week after the Kindle DX was axed, seems Amazon is trimming its product line further: evidence suggests that its Kindle Touch is to be discontinued, with the Paperwhite filling the gap. » 10/23/12 3:32am 10/23/12 3:32am

How the Kindle Fire HD Stacks Up to the Competition

Now that the Kindle Fire HD is out from under wraps, it's time to start looking at how that TI OMAP 4470 chipset and 1900x1200 pixel screen compare to what the other notable tablets have to offer. So we lined up the specs of the original Kindle Fire, Google's Nexus 7, Samsung's Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, the iPad, and the… » 9/06/12 3:35pm 9/06/12 3:35pm

Your Hotel Bible Is Now a Kindle

The Hotel Indigo in Newcastle, UK, is much like any other hotel: expensive mini bar, pointless shower caps, and bed sheets that take 10 minutes to get under. Until you peer into the beside table that is, becasue, in the place of a bible, there's a Kindle waiting to be read. » 7/02/12 10:40am 7/02/12 10:40am

Timeless Classics of Literature Upgraded With Already-Dated Augmented…

Special features are great, when they're included in DVDs to supplement your favorite movie or TV show. So, why does the idea of creating special features for ebooks seem so... unnecessary? » 5/17/12 10:40pm 5/17/12 10:40pm

The Future of Nook: NFC and Deep Windows Integration

Following Microsoft's investment in a Nook spin-off and the continued success of Barnes & Noble's e-reading empire, we can expect to see some serious changes in the future. In fact, William Lynch, who heads up Nook, has already let a few of them slip. » 5/02/12 3:56am 5/02/12 3:56am

Microsoft Ponies Up $300 Million Investment in Nook Spinoff

In what some may consider an odd move, Microsoft has just announced that it's investing $300 million into a "strategic partnership" with Barnes & Noble to develop the future of e-reading. » 4/30/12 7:50am 4/30/12 7:50am

What Is This Mysterious New Nook Audio Device?

Barnes & Noble has a mysterious new product listed on its site: the Nook Audio OE250. There's nothing on the page to give away what it might be—so what the hell is it? » 4/04/12 6:33am 4/04/12 6:33am

Amazon May Have Sold Two Million 'Kindle Singles', But Why's That…

This morning, the internet is awash with people slapping Amazon on the back, congratulating them for selling two million Kindle Singles—e-books that are shorter than full-length books but longer than most magazine articles. But is that really a big deal? » 3/13/12 7:11am 3/13/12 7:11am

Justice Department Threatens Apple With Lawsuit Over Ebook Price Fixing

The Justice Department has warned Apple, along with five major publishing houses, that it plans to sue them for joining forces to raise the price of ebooks, according to the Wall Street Journal. If successful, this could signal a future of affordable digital reading. » 3/08/12 4:07am 3/08/12 4:07am

Amazon Pulls 5,000 eBooks From the Kindle Store

Almost 5,000 eBooks have been pulled from the the Kindle Store because of a change made to Independent Publishers Group's contract with the online seller. The move is a result of Amazon's demand for upfront payment from publishers, required to host their books on the store. [Paid Content] » 2/23/12 6:05am 2/23/12 6:05am

The New 8GB Nook Tablet Is Official and Will Cost $199

Rumors circulated yesterday that a cheaper Nook Tablet was on its way, and now it's official. Barnes & Noble is launching an 8GB version of its tablet, to go on sale for $199. Yes, that does make it a direct Kindle Fire competitor. » 2/21/12 9:02am 2/21/12 9:02am

New 8GB Nook Tablet Launching February 22nd?

According to leaked documents seen by The Verge, Barnes & Noble is launching an 8GB version of its Nook Tablet this week. That drop in capacity means one thing: it's planning to match, or undercut, the Kindle Fire. » 2/20/12 6:09am 2/20/12 6:09am

Barnes & Noble To Launch a New Nook This Spring

Continuing its bold, brave and surprisingly successful e-Reader battle with Amazon, Barnes & Noble is soon to launch its fifth Nook device. » 1/30/12 4:17am 1/30/12 4:17am

Tablet Ownership Almost Doubled Over The Holidays

Compared to 10 per cent in mid-December, over 19 per cent of US adults now own a tablet, according to Pew. There was an identical trend with ereaders, too, and there's not as much overlap as you might expectr: 29 per cent own one or the other. That is a lot of new iPads and Kindles. [Pew via Electronista] » 1/23/12 4:28am 1/23/12 4:28am