Nokia's X, E, C, N Series Naming Structure Becomes Official

Along with the fairly staid C5 phone, Nokia today announced a new structure for its phone series—as we heard a few weeks back. Now, all Nokia phones will come in four different classes—the classic C-series, entertainment and media-themed X-series, business E-series and flagship "high end" N-series. [Nokia Conversations »3/02/10 5:26am3/02/10 5:26am

Nokia E71 and E66 Phones Stuffed with Two Cameras, Wi-Fi, GPS and More

The E66 and E71, two Nokia E-Series cellphones in last week's rumor mill, are now official. Up top is the E71, a slick QWERTY phone that's a lot less chunky than its predecessor, the E61. It comes equipped with a 3.2MP camera in the back, a front cam for video calls, Wi-Fi and GPS, just like the E66 down below. »6/16/08 8:00am6/16/08 8:00am

Nokia Adding Devicescape Wi-Fi Utility To Make Connecting Easier

It can be a pain on the ass entering in Wi-Fi WEP, WPA and WPA2 passwords even on QWERTY phones, so Nokia is making things easy on their E and N-series phone users by teaming up with Devicescape. The latter's software lets you enter in connectivity information on your computer, which then gets housed on your Nokia for… »10/10/07 7:50pm10/10/07 7:50pm