An Overview of the New E-Voting Machine Guidelines

In case you didn't want to rip through the pages upon pages of the EAC's Voluntary Voting System Guidlines or the 600-page monster version before firing off your two cents on e-voting, Ars Technica nicely overviews them for us. For one, paper trails are now a de facto requirement, since "independent, voter-verifiable… » 11/02/07 7:40pm 11/02/07 7:40pm

Uncle Sam Wants to Know How You Feel About E-Voting Machines

If you're not exactly down with the state of e-voting in the US (and you really shouldn't be), the Election Assistance Committee (a federal oversight committee that now has reign over certifying e-voting machines) wants to hear about it and what you think of their recently proposed guidelines (PDF, 600 pages). » 10/31/07 7:20pm 10/31/07 7:20pm

Paper Trails Not the Golden Ticket to Secure E-Voting

One of the most commonly cited ways to rectify, or at least mollify, the rampant security issues that have plagued e-voting is a solid paper trail to check the results against. Well, one think tank, the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation, is coming out with study saying it just ain't so—in fact, they… » 9/14/07 9:04am 9/14/07 9:04am