Sanyo Xacti E2 Arrives Just in Time for Summer to End

Sanyo is finally gracing the US with the second generation of their respected waterproof Xacti » 9/03/08 11:00am 9/03/08 11:00am line, the Xacti E2. Capturing either 8MP stills or 640x480 AVC/H.264 video, the 9.1-ounce Xacti E2 can fit up to 8 hours of footage on an 8GB SD/SDHC card (so that's 1GB/hr). Unfortunately, the Xacti E2 is only waterproof to …

OQO Updates E2 UMPC; Now Has Embedded HSDPA

We attended OQO's launch party on Monday evening, during which they showed off their updated e2 UMPC with embedded HSDPA. Unfortunately, the revised e2 will only be made available to European and Asian markets. However, do not feel out of love, my US inhabiting buddies: » 12/05/07 6:20am 12/05/07 6:20am