E3 2006 Clips: E3 Morning Stampede

The combined might of Team Giztaku got footage of the crowd rushing into West Hall this morning just as the doors opened. The Playstation 3 booth is on the left, the Nintendo booth's the big white and blue thing on the right—notice where the stampede's headed? Yeah. » 5/12/06 2:43pm 5/12/06 2:43pm

E3 2006: Mac Envy In The Wild

We're at E3 this week writing stories for our dorky pale sibling Kotaku and just spotted this pitiful Dell Inspiron in the press room, desperately wishing it was something it will never ever be. And yes, we're totally typing this on our beautiful new MacBook Pro. » 5/11/06 9:07pm 5/11/06 9:07pm

E3 2006: Razer Tarantula Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard made its debut at CES back in January, but since then it has gotten quite a makeover with some new fantastic features. The Tarantula has added complete macro functionality. Any kind of macros can be bound to the outside keys on the left and right sides using Razer's software. In addition to the… » 5/11/06 7:24pm 5/11/06 7:24pm

Booth Babes Then and Now

If you were worried that there wouldn't be any more booth babes at E3, well, the babes are still there, they're just covering up a little bit more this year because of the recent prudishness that has pervaded the trade show.
» 5/11/06 11:01am 5/11/06 11:01am

E3 2006: Saitek Round-Up

We got a chance to talk to the folks at Saitek about their upcoming products. They have the Eclipse II keyboard, GM3200 Laser Mouse and the Pro Flight Rudder Pedals. Get the full scoop after the jump. » 5/10/06 9:42pm 5/10/06 9:42pm

E3 2006: Eye of Judgement Camera

This is the Eye of Judgement CRAAAAW—you know, because it looks like a claw. This monstrosity of a device is actually a PS3 camera peripheral for the Eye of Judgement game. The game itself is somewhat odd. A three by three grid is placed on the table with this camera mounted beside it. Once cards are played the Eyetoy… » 5/10/06 5:08pm 5/10/06 5:08pm

E3 2006: Microsoft USB Wireless Receiver and other Hardware Info

Bloops! In our Microsoft peripheral coverage yesterday we forgot to mention the most glorious peripheral for avid PC users. A USB wireless receiver for all Xbox 360 wireless peripherals. So yes, you can finally use the wireless controller, the upcoming wireless force feedback steering wheel and even the wireless… » 5/10/06 3:34pm 5/10/06 3:34pm

Nintendo Wii Controller: Aural Feedback

The remarkable Wii controller for the upcoming Nintendo gaming system does a lot of way-cool stuff. As we watched the streaming demo online yesterday from here at the mother ship, we noticed the controller itself has built-in speakers, allowing gamers to, for example, hear the twanging sound of a crossbow releasing… » 5/10/06 12:57pm 5/10/06 12:57pm

E3 2006: N-Gage Still Kickin'

Yep, the N-Gage is still alive and kickin' at The Standard hotel rooftop bar. This lady may have not said it, but we know that she was ready to throw the N-Gage off the roof of this glamorous hotel in downtown LA. Apparently Nokia thinks that it may still have a chance in the mobile market and decided to hold a press… » 5/10/06 12:54am 5/10/06 12:54am

E3 2006 Clips: Nintendo Wii Tennis

Those of you out there who doubt that the Nintendo Wii's Remote is going to be the best thing ever: If you're still drinking the total haterade after watching this video of Reggie Fils-Aime, Satoru Iwata, Shigeru Miyamoto and one lucky contest winner playing Wii tennis at Nintendo's pre-E3 press conference this… » 5/09/06 10:35pm 5/09/06 10:35pm

E3 2006 Booze Watch: Margarita Machine

So far Team Giztaku's favorite gadget from all the pre-E3 press events we've attended over the past two days is this beautiful, beautiful Margarita machine we had the pleasure of acquainting ourselves with over and over again at yesterday's Sony press conference. » 5/09/06 9:44pm 5/09/06 9:44pm

E3 2006: Xbox 360 HD DVD Player

Well, folks, this is it. Microsoft showed the actual external HD DVD player and mentioned that it will be out this Fall/Holiday Season-ish. We're predicting a November release in traditional Xbox fashion. No price point, either. At least it's pretty, and isn't that really all that matters? » 5/09/06 7:18pm 5/09/06 7:18pm

E3 2006: Microsoft Peripheral Frenzy

Microsoft has announced three sexy and savvy pieces of hardware. First up, a Microsoft branded steering wheel that will be released in conjunction with Forza Motorsports 2. The actual steering wheel itself seems pretty average, but the big perk is that it is wireless. » 5/09/06 6:59pm 5/09/06 6:59pm

E3 Online Community: Bad Cameraphone Shots, Drunken Commentary

Nothing portrays the glamor and glitz of E3 better than a bunch of dudes standing around drinking and avoiding eye contact. Thanks to E3 and iMeem, we now have an official E3 PARTAY-PHOTO-WEBSITE-COOLNESS-WOW-site where we can read such exciting news as: » 5/09/06 1:54pm 5/09/06 1:54pm

E3 2006: Sony Wifi Hijinks

Silly Sony. They had this sign up in the reception area of their E3 press event and people crammed around the tables actually believing that this was the only places that had wireless access. If Sony can get people to believe that Wi-Fi is limited to specific area than maybe they have a chance convincing us that… » 5/09/06 1:35pm 5/09/06 1:35pm