The iPhone is More Powerful Than the DS, But Sucks As a Controller

You know that the iPhone is powerful enough to render 3D games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, as well as various other ones we covered in the marathon review session, but just how powerful is it? How does it compare to actual gaming handhelds like the Nintendo DS and PSP? An EA developer put it this way. On a… »7/16/08 3:40pm7/16/08 3:40pm

LEGO Batman PS2 Bundle Comes With Game and Justice League: New Frontiers for $149 (But No Bat Logo)

Coming this Fall to North America is the LEGO Batman PS2 bundle, which includes the LEGO Batman game and the Justice League: New Frontiers flick for $149. I would buy this machine if it had a Batman logo on it, especially if it was released in the next two days as my Batman slobbering becomes fully torrential leading… »7/15/08 3:12pm7/15/08 3:12pm

WiiSpeak Community Mic: Online Group Chatting Comes to the Wii

The second new Wii accessory out of E3, the WiiSpeak community mic and speaker finally lets you chat with other people online. Unlike an Xbox 360 headset, it's more about group chatting and is placed on top of your TV, like a conference call mic (how does it filter out game sounds?). It's bundled with Animal Crossing… »7/15/08 12:28pm7/15/08 12:28pm

Official Rock Band 2 Track List (Plus Carry Over "Most" of Rock Band's Disc Tracks!)

Harmonix has officially unveiled the track list for Rock Band 2. Besides being packed with rock gods like AC/DC exclusively, GNR's Chinese Democracy's official debut, Alice in Chains and Rage Against the Machine (I'm a child of the 90's), and full backwards compatibility with all DLC songs, you can "export most of the »7/14/08 3:55pm7/14/08 3:55pm

Xbox Live Getting Dashboard Redesign, Mii-like Avatars Designed by Rare

Microsoft revealed today at their E3 press conference that their dashboard will be completely redesigned in the fall, with an all new avatar system similar to that on the Wii. The fully customizable avatars, designed by Rare, can be imported into other games to be used as playable characters. New channels include the… »7/14/08 2:27pm7/14/08 2:27pm

Xbox 360's "Lips" Karaoke Game Microphone Has Motion Sensing, Vegas Lounge Lights

Could the rumored upcoming "Lips" accessory + game to the Xbox 360 have the most advanced karaoke microphone for a game yet? Quite possibly. The game's made by iNiS, a team that's no stranger to music games, and features the accessory that pulses in time with your singing, plus detects how you swing it around when… »7/11/08 7:30pm7/11/08 7:30pm

Xbox 360 Price Cuts Arrive in Australia, US Probably Following Soon

Normally we'd skip over Australia-only news, but the official Xbox 360 price cuts there most likely means those rumors of a drop in the US are pretty much locked in for sure (even if the European price reduction a few months ago didn't cross over). Kotaku says all three models got slashed, "with the Arcade down $50 to… »7/02/08 2:57am7/02/08 2:57am