Fearless Retailer Leaks Pics of Unreleased Nokia Phones

An unidentified retailer has leaked a series of photos that reveal a number of unreleased Nokia phones, including the N97 Mini, N5800 with chrome edging (possibly the 5900), E72, E55, and two unknown sliders that may be an N86. » 8/16/09 5:15pm 8/16/09 5:15pm

Nokia E55 is Supermodel Skinny, Only Has Half a QWERTY

The E55 is superficially similar to the BlackBerry Pearl, with its low-profile design and half-QWERTY keyboard. The main difference? The E55 is hilariously slim, at just under 1cm. » 2/16/09 6:55am 2/16/09 6:55am