Nokia E63 Unlocked 3G QWERTY Now Available in the US for $279

It took it's sweet time getting to the States, but Nokia's E63 QWERTY phone with its Blackberry-esque look is now available in the US for $279. That's not a bad deal considering that it is an unlocked phone that was originally on pre-order for $500. [Nokia] » 1/08/09 1:38pm 1/08/09 1:38pm

Touchscreen Moto ROKR E6 Video Tour

We were kind of skeptical of the Moto ROKR E6 » 5/03/07 9:30pm 5/03/07 9:30pm Linux phone at first glance, but after watching the video and seeing what we can do, there may be room for this in our pockets yet. Noah from PhoneDog gives you a walk-through of the ROKR E6's UI, complete with an Apple iPhone skin that he installed himself.

Motorola to Ship ROKR E6 Sans iTunes: Stepping Aside for the iPhone?

Motorola announced it will ship its ROKR E6 music phone later this month but conspicuously absent from its feature list is iTunes. That'll be replaced by the loathsome RealPlayer. Doing damage control on a phone that was doomed from the start, Motorola is positioning this candy bar as a PDA. » 12/06/06 9:55am 12/06/06 9:55am

Motorola ROKR E6 Passes FCC, Linux Fanboys Throw Awkward High Fives

The Motorola ROKR E6, or E690 as the engineers call it, was just approved by the FCC, much to Linux fans' delight. It will follow up older ROKR phones, possibly with iTunes capabilities, and will run Motorola's Linux OS. » 10/20/06 7:45pm 10/20/06 7:45pm