Pentax Optio E75 Is Waterproof and Sorta Cheap

You might default to a brand like Canon when it comes to point and shoots, but our own Brian Lam swears by Pentax's reputation for building pocketable, waterproof cameras. » 5/15/09 10:27am 5/15/09 10:27am

Nokia E75 Hands On Video: Shiny Slick Boredom

Remember the old Nokia Communicators, those smartphones with email and applications that were fuglier and bigger than Herman Munster's left shoe? Yeah, me neither. Here's the heir, according to today's Nokia conference: The Nokia E75. » 2/16/09 7:00am 2/16/09 7:00am

More Nokia E75 QWERTY Slider Cellphone Stuff Leaks Out

Not so long a go a couple of pictures leaked out » 11/25/08 4:56am 11/25/08 4:56am of Nokia's upcoming E75 (alongside its E72 cousin) and now there's a little more to show you. Someone's got hold of one, and taken photos which demonstrate its screen in action for the first time: it's a 2.4-inch job. The camera with flash is also shown (there's no view…

Nokia E72 and E75 Leak Out, QWERTY Goodness in Slider and Candybar Shape

Over at Symbianfreaks there're a bunch of photos and this video which seem to be leaked data on two upcoming Nokia cellphones: the E72 and E75. Both have QWERTY keypads, with the E72 seeming to combine the S60 platform with a side-sliding keypad and the E75 looking pretty business-like in a BlackBerry-esque with its… » 9/19/08 8:22am 9/19/08 8:22am