More Nokia E75 QWERTY Slider Cellphone Stuff Leaks Out

Not so long a go a couple of pictures leaked out » 11/25/08 4:56am 11/25/08 4:56am of Nokia's upcoming E75 (alongside its E72 cousin) and now there's a little more to show you. Someone's got hold of one, and taken photos which demonstrate its screen in action for the first time: it's a 2.4-inch job. The camera with flash is also shown (there's no view…

Nokia E72 and E75 Leak Out, QWERTY Goodness in Slider and Candybar Shape

Over at Symbianfreaks there're a bunch of photos and this video which seem to be leaked data on two upcoming Nokia cellphones: the E72 and E75. Both have QWERTY keypads, with the E72 seeming to combine the S60 platform with a side-sliding keypad and the E75 looking pretty business-like in a BlackBerry-esque with its… » 9/19/08 8:22am 9/19/08 8:22am