Nokia Teases Swiveling Touchscreen Phone, Leaves It Shrouded in Mystery

During an otherwise uneventful podcast on the S60, Nokia revealed this shot of an unnamed concept device. It features a big touchscreen interface like the HTC Touch or the iPhone, but a QWERTY keypad can fold out while the touchscreen swivels, transforming the candy bar device into a premium clamshell. We'll have to… »10/03/08 3:00pm10/03/08 3:00pm

This Is What a Nokia E90 Blasted With a Shotgun Looks Like

Someone blasted their Nokia E90 with a 12-bore shotgun. And then decided to put the bent and twisted piece of telephony up for sale on eBay "for parts." Or for laughs, because then someone decided to buy the remains of the smartphone for $20.50. Apparently, he didn't realize that not a single part of this phone would… »12/28/07 5:00am12/28/07 5:00am

Big and Proud: More Impressions of the Nokia e90 and the iMate Ultimate

I'm pretty superficial when it comes to my cell phones. I like them thin and stylish—drop them in your pocket and forget they're there. They gotta be smart too, I won't settle for any crap interface (although since I'm on Verizon, that's tough to do). So you'd think I'd be all over Samung's new Ultra series, right.… »2/16/07 5:57am2/16/07 5:57am

Dual-Screened Nokia E90 Communicator Sees the Light of Day

The Nokia E90 Communicator has come out of the blurry shadows and into the sharp spotlight, showing off its 3.2 megapixel camera, Edge, WiFi and HDSPA goodness on two screens, one inside and the other out. That outside screen is a conventional 240x320 while inside it's packing an expansive 800x352 screen that can show… »2/12/07 7:54am2/12/07 7:54am