The Stealthy Barracuda UAV Is Germany's Future Flying Force

After the end of hostilities in WWII, France and Germany have become surprisingly close. The two nations are stalwart proponents of expanded European Union integration and are regularly referred to as the EU's "twin engine." But on the issue of unmanned aerial platform, the two simply cannot agree. So while France and… » 10/17/13 11:32am 10/17/13 11:32am

Stratos Double-Deck Airplane May Be the Future of Aviation

The Stratos is one of those commercial planes that actually makes me think "this is how the future will look like". Rather than just being the same old basic design that has been with us forever now, the Stratos has a large 237-foot wingspan and two massive engines mounted on the back, giving it a way more stylized… » 11/24/08 7:20pm 11/24/08 7:20pm

Take a Le Trip into Space - a Snip at $266,000

Lance Bass's trip into space cost him around $20 million, but the European space agency EADS is offering people—and rich ones at that—the chance of a quick one-and-a-half hour blast into space. The trips, starting in 2012, will cost around 200,000 euros—and will give punters the thrill of experiencing three to five… » 6/14/07 7:35am 6/14/07 7:35am