Ear Force PX21: Universal Chat Headset for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

So here's the good news: Turtle Beach announced a universal version of their gaming-oriented chat headset. In stereo, it mixes your talking with your gaming perfectly, meaning you won't be shouting at your teammates (unintentionally). Here's the bad news: » 3/03/10 5:20pm 3/03/10 5:20pm

Ear Force D2 Headset Lets You Nintendogs in Semi-Private

Ever spend five minutes yelling, "SIT! SIT! SIT!" at your DS only to have the other people on the subway get up and move away like you were a psycho? Check out this Ear Force D2 from Turtle Beach. This Nintendo DS headset includes both headphones and a mic, which means you can both hear and speak without bothering… » 3/21/07 8:00pm 3/21/07 8:00pm