Proof the iPod's White Earbuds Don't Suck...That Much

We had a plan. After years of bitching and moaning about crappy, stock Apple earbuds, we were going to put Apple in their place, and once and for all, prove what a lousy product they were packaging with their iPods—the one kink in their plan of global music player dominance. Obviously, the $30 stock earphones in the… » 12/29/07 2:15pm 12/29/07 2:15pm

Lobie Ear Things Hold Earbuds Outside Ears

These Lobies are probably the worst idea we've heard in a while. They're made for people who don't like having earbuds inside their ears, but still want to use earbuds for headphones. It wraps around hte earbuds and over your ear, essentially turning your earbuds into over-the-ear earphones that you can buy right now.… » 10/02/07 3:10pm 10/02/07 3:10pm