Judge Rules Early Termination Fees Are Illegal and Violate California Law

A California County Superior Court judge has just ruled that early termination fees from cellphone companies violates California state law and are illegal. What's this mean to you? Sprint Nextel has been ordered to pay $18.2 million in reimbursements to customers who already paid their ETF, and to stop trying to… » 7/31/08 5:00pm 7/31/08 5:00pm

AT&T Lawyer Says Early Termination Fees Are Good For Consumers

According to Ars, one AT&T attorney told the FCC yesterday that early termination fees we pay for leaving our contracts before the designated time are actually a great deal for us. His reasoning was that "ETF-backed term contracts give consumers the ability to lower their monthly charges and upfront handset costs in… » 6/15/08 6:00pm 6/15/08 6:00pm

AT&T Starts Reducing Early Termination Fees

AT&T doesn't have to wait for the FCC to tell it to pro-rate early termination fees, they're starting to do something similar already. Now, instead of paying the maximum fee of $175 no matter when you quit, you'll get $5 off for every month you're with the company over the course of your contract. If you end your stay… » 5/27/08 11:48am 5/27/08 11:48am

FCC May Regulate Cellphone Early Termination Fees

The FCC might be getting up in cellphone providers' collective grill, telling them what they can and cannot charge to customers who quit their service early. A proposal to them outlines some changes consumers want enacted, including free termination up to 30 days after signing a contract or 10 days after the first… » 5/21/08 11:10am 5/21/08 11:10am