Spock Ears Make Me Say "Knit Long and Prosper"

This is a momentous day for me (I won't spoil the surprise) and what better way to celebrate momentous days than by knitting a pair of Spock ears for my lugs. If I were going to the New York meet-up you would be able to identify me by these furry little thingies—sod the fact that I would probably collapse from… » 6/27/08 6:40am 6/27/08 6:40am

Gizmodo Rated "G", Children Everwhere Weep

Who would have thought that with all of our foul, locker room gadget talk that Gizmodo could be rated "G" for general, impressionable audiences?

Our results are from a free promotional tool for a dating site that rates blogs by searching for keywords in your front page content. How was Gizmodo rated "G"? We're… » 6/24/07 12:30pm 6/24/07 12:30pm

Lobz Earwarming Headphones

I'll be the first one to admit this concept has been around a couple seasons, but with the winter season looming, products like these are still pretty damn awesome. These are the Lobz, the latest pair of audio ear warmers. These warm and fuzzy ear warmers have integrated headphones to accomplish that whole two birds,… » 11/24/06 10:39am 11/24/06 10:39am

Earmuffs/Headphones, Great Idea!

Thanks, JVC. These headphone/ear warmers arrived just time for us here on the icy east coast. Stoked with Polartec Wind Pro and Thermolite Active 100 materials to keep you warm, these babies promise good tunes and toasty earlobes. Well, warm earlobes anyhow. The cool cats in NYC are opting for ginormous earphones with… » 12/14/05 10:25am 12/14/05 10:25am