Moto Hint Review: ​The First Bluetooth Headset I Wasn't Ashamed to Wear

Bluetooth earpieces have always stuck out. I mean they've literally stuck out of your ear. Perhaps they're not as much of a fashion faux pas as Google Glass, but there's definitely a stigma about them. To combat the cyborg look, some wearable manufacturers are building smartwatches, but Motorola also has a backup… » 10/13/14 2:48pm 10/13/14 2:48pm

SouthWing Bluetooth Headset Brings You News, Excuses to Leave

SouthWing and AT&T have paired up to offer a Bluetooth headset specifically catering to news junkies and evasive people. If your SouthWing SH241 earpiece is connected to an AT&T phone, it'll pipe the latest finance, weather, sports and other info straight into your head. Sure, an FM radio feature would probably do… » 10/15/08 11:05pm 10/15/08 11:05pm

Hearing Aid/Phone Combo Looks Cool, Seems Obvious

You got this thing wedged in your ear because otherwise you can't hear what the damn whippersnappers are all yappin' about. Then along comes this other earpiece you're supposed to jam in your ear, so that you can talk on your cellphone while driving or juggling or whatever the kids are doing these days. Along comes… » 5/25/07 5:10pm 5/25/07 5:10pm

Argard M10 Bluetooth Earpiece: Small Enough to Join the Flea Circus

This is one fine-looking Bluetooth earpiece, even though it's just brochure-ware so far. The Argard M10 Bluetooth headset is about the width of a nickel, but its in-ear design still packs enough battery power to last all day. The company says it'll give you three hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time, and… » 12/26/06 12:54pm 12/26/06 12:54pm

Micro Bluetooth Earpiece: Smaller Than a Dime, Spytastic, Handmade

This Bluetooth headset is smaller than a dime, and small enough to be carried away by an ant. The thing is about 6mm by 5mm by 10mm. Ridica-malous! And could easily get lost in your ear. There's even a detachable buzzer, for simple communication with your poker card counting buddies, or friends across the room taking… » 8/17/06 4:34pm 8/17/06 4:34pm