Dubs Earplugs Don't Look Terrible So You Might Actually Wear Them

Dubs' "Acoustic Filters" are snazzy new earplugs that hope to conquer one of the biggest obstacles between you and wearing crucial gear to protect your hearing. Though they're not the first earplugs in the world, they're some of the first that don't look terrible. Can Dubs trick you into better hearing with design? »9/23/14 9:00am9/23/14 9:00am


Rind Disposable Earplugs Are the Perfect Wallet-Sized Ear Protection

Next time you're headed to a rave and want some additional protection when things start to heat up, consider throwing a pair of these Rind disposable earplugs alongside that other well-known wallet-based protection. And because these plugs lie flat like a credit card when not in use, there will be no embarrassing… »7/20/08 2:00pm7/20/08 2:00pm