BlackBerry Earrings Shows That You're Nerdy, Kinda Unstable

Those gals looking for the best way to score a business man that's a little too attached to his BlackBerry should look no further than these BlackBerry earrings. Not only does it constantly remind him that he should check his email, it shows that you're into his techno lust, which is hard to do short of actually… » 8/14/08 5:40pm 8/14/08 5:40pm

EarMecca EP Series: Earphones and Earrings in One

The quest for de-uglification of earphones continues, and here's a pair cleverly disguised as earrings. From EarMecca of Korea, the EP Series Earphones might even appeal to persnickety types. The earrings are available in 10 different designs, are crafted in either gold or silver, and are adjustable even for those… » 8/08/06 12:16pm 8/08/06 12:16pm