NASA makes zoomable Earth using 36,422 selfies from all continents

Not even Ellen DeGeneres can beat this one: NASA asked people to take selfies on Earth Day and humans from Antarctica to Zimbabwe submitted more than 50,000 photos. Of those NASA selected 36,422 photos to create this fully zoomable 3.2 gigapixel image of Earth's Eastern and Western hemispheres. » 5/22/14 8:22pm 5/22/14 8:22pm

One of the World’s Greenest Commercial Buildings Opens Today

Happy Earth Day! Wait, you didn't know it was Earth Day? You probably aren't alone. The 43-year-old fauxliday has declined in popularity over the past few years, perhaps because it's been so thoroughly co-opted by companies interested in associating with sustainability—it's easy to be cynical about greenwashing. » 4/22/13 1:40pm 4/22/13 1:40pm

Five TED Talks That Will Make You Actually Care About Earth Day

The annual TED conference is a bastion of original thinking, its speakers on an edge so cutting they could draw blood. Over at Brain Pickings, they've got a roundup of five of the most environmentally important TED talks of the last several years; including this revolutionary one by cradle-to-cradle design guru… » 4/22/11 2:20pm 4/22/11 2:20pm

Crafty Vendor Sells Solar-Roasted Chickens

Happy Earth Day everyone! Instead of urging you to recycle all those gadgets that will otherwise leak poison into our planet, we'd rather offer you a more positive, less obvious story to whet your Earth Day appetite. Sila Sutharat runs a Thai chicken stand outside of Bangkok. He roasts 50 chickens a day. And he does… » 4/22/08 10:00am 4/22/08 10:00am

NASA to Broadcast Earth Views in High Definition

Fans of space, high definition television, and watching-your-washing-machine-while-stoned rejoice! Honoring planet Earth and hoping to bring us closer to the awe that astronauts feel while watching or home planet, NASA is going to start transmitting crystal-clear HD video of Gaia taken from orbit—both totally silent… » 4/18/08 6:20am 4/18/08 6:20am