Shooting Challenge: Lights Out

It's Earth Hour this weekend. And no matter how you feel about its message, I think we can all agree that seeing cities blanketed in darkness is chilling. So for this week's Shooting Challenge, photograph the darkness of Earth Hour. » 3/25/15 10:45am Wednesday 10:45am

30 Quadrotors Form a Star Trek Constellation In the London Skyline

It's supposed to be an hour when everyone conserves energy by turning off the lights and other superfluous power drains. But apparently Paramount is still not up-to-speed on what Earth Hour is all about since over the weekend it celebrated the event by sending 30 quadrotor drones into the air, forming the Starfleet… » 3/25/13 8:25am 3/25/13 8:25am

It's Earth Hour Tonight, We'll Understand If You Turn Off the Lights

In what has become an annual event, Earth Hour 2011 is upon us. From 8:30 PM (local time) to 9:30 PM, Earth Hour encourages us to turn off the lights. We'll see you back at 9:30 (or tomorrow!). [Earth Hour] » 3/26/11 8:00pm 3/26/11 8:00pm

"Lights Off" Video Shows a Different Story When You Watch It In the Dark

Earth Hour 2010 commences tonight, charging citizens and corporations alike to turn off their lights for an hour to raise climate change awareness. The real benefit, though, is that it lets you watch the cooler version of this light-sensing video. » 3/27/10 1:30pm 3/27/10 1:30pm

The Las Vegas Strip, Before and During Earth Hour

As the world turned off its lights for one hour last Saturday in a fleeting concern for Earth, even the blindingly luminescent Las Vegas strip joined in. Here it is with the lights off: » 3/30/09 12:40pm 3/30/09 12:40pm

Earth Hour: Turn Off Your Gadgets and Do Things in the Dark

My dear friend—and tree-huggin' hippie—Robyn reminds me that tonight is Earth Hour. It may seem silly, but turning off all your electrical devices is a nice gesture. If only to do many other things, like: » 3/28/09 3:00pm 3/28/09 3:00pm

Earth Hour Wants All The Lights Off, But We Want Them On

Those tofu-loving nutjobs over at the WWF (no, not that one) are planning another Earth Hour on Saturday night, where the world shuts off all their lights and electronics from 8-9 pm. We're supposed to think about ways to live more sustainably and fight global warming. Sounds great, right? WRONG. » 3/28/08 5:00pm 3/28/08 5:00pm