Citywide Wi-Fi Turns Out To Be Impossible for Big Towns, Easy for Little Towns

They said it couldn't be done... and they were totally freaking right. EarthLink is pulling the plug on its San Francisco Wi-Fi build-out, says the AP, while developers in Chicago and Houston are having similar crises of faith. Bizarrely, reports that currently 455 cities and counties are interested… »8/31/07 10:35am8/31/07 10:35am


Microsoft Google Dell Coalition "White Space" Prototypes Get Knocked By FCC: Device Gallery and Details

When Dell, Earthlink, Google, HP, Intel, Microsoft and Philips got together to create a prototype "white space" device—that is, a box capable of two-way high-bandwidth wireless communication in the frequencies now occupied by analog TV signal—you would have thought the combined muscle would ensure success. But the… »8/09/07 10:23am8/09/07 10:23am

San Francisco, Google, Earthlink Finalize City Wide WiFi Deal

Google, Earthlink and the City of San Francisco have agreed to a 4-year deal to blanket the city in WiFi. Earthlink will build the $14-17 million system, and they'll earn their cash back by charging $21.95 a month for a connection boosted to 3-4 times the speed of the free service. Google will sell ads to subsidize it… »1/05/07 9:09pm1/05/07 9:09pm