The Eerie Ruins of 11 Abandoned Hotels

Tourism is a funny thing. Sometimes hot spots are hot, prompting opportunistic developers to build. And sometimes they're not. (The outbreak of a civil war is a great way to shut down a tourist destination.) Photographer Dietmar Eckell has spent the past several years visiting the hotels and resorts that got left… » 1/22/15 9:02am 1/22/15 9:02am

Ridiculously powerful handheld cannon blows up on the street

Never get in a street fight in Poland because you never know what kind of garage made weapons they'll bring out against. Like this makeshift cannon that can bring the boom like no other. The noise alone is intimidating. Eastern Europe seems like such a fun place for crazy people to do crazy stuff in the middle of the… » 4/22/14 1:20am 4/22/14 1:20am

Hackers Broke Into Citigroup and It Was Easy

In one of the ballsiest bank break-ins in recent memory, a team of hackers based in Eastern Europe managed to crack open Citigroup's massive store of their customers' personal financial data. Just by hacking Citi's customer website. » 6/14/11 10:20pm 6/14/11 10:20pm

How a 75-Year Old Woman Killed the Internet In Two Countries

She didn't mean anything by it. But while a 75-year old woman set out to collect scrap metal in the village of Ksani last week, by the time she got home she'd cut off internet service to both Georgia and Armenia. » 4/06/11 6:40pm 4/06/11 6:40pm