The Rubber Band Macro Lens Is Now Stackable For Greater Magnification

When the original version was first revealed, we were amazed at how brilliantly easy the rubber band Easy-Macro made adding an extra lens to any smartphone. But somehow the new version manages to further improve the original design with a better lens that helps protect it from scratches and allows it to be stacked… »11/29/13 8:00pm11/29/13 8:00pm

These Harry Potter Blu-rays Are Your Hogwarts-Is-Real Deal of the Day

Diagon Alley's online storefront—which some call Amazon—is a wonderful place. The Flourish & Blotts section is an excellent way to browse through tomes of all sorts—even muggle books, like J. K. Rowling's new decidedly adult book, The Casual Vacancy. And it's real wizardry how you can download books onto your tablet,… »9/28/12 3:00pm9/28/12 3:00pm

This Universal Macro Lens Is Your Dealzmodo-Exclusive Deal of the Day

We, as cameraphone-toting humans, love to take photos. 10% of all photos ever taken have been taken in the past year. Every two seconds we take as many photos as all humanity did in the 1800s, mostly powered by the 2.5 billion camera phones currently in people's pockets. That's awesome! But it also means that billions… »9/27/12 3:00pm9/27/12 3:00pm