Porn Business For Sale

Calling all pervs. Looks like a family business is coming apart at the seams, and you could be the lucky bidder to scoop it up. Of course, you'd have to be ready to wade knee-deep into the skin biz, but if your job has been getting you down, maybe it's not such a bad idea. For just $100,000, you can buy yourself an… » 12/05/05 4:24pm 12/05/05 4:24pm

Ebay Deal of the Day: Classic Vintage PC Collection

If you've got thousands of dollars, lots of storage space, and a fetish for old, musty computers, then this is the auction of your wet dreams. Check it. 6,000 pounds worth of vintage computer goodness. The auction is from Dave Freeman, founder of the Freeman PC Museum. Looks like Dave is just dying to get his old… » 10/11/05 2:30pm 10/11/05 2:30pm

Ebay Deal of the Day: The Chippery

Now you too can have a combination potato chip maker/oily death trap in your own home for a mere $15,000. This is a full-on chip shop which comes with tongs, flavored salts, a three tier bowl thingy, and the big fryer itself. It allows you to make up to 100 bags of chips per hour. Sweet, savory, delicious chips. » 8/24/05 2:24pm 8/24/05 2:24pm

Ebay Deal of the Day: I Predict A Riot

We beat this riot thing into the ground yesterday, but that doesn't mean even more crafty folks can't beat it even further today! We present the ultimate in post-riot apparel, the "I Went to Henrico County for a $50 iBook and But All I Got Was Kicked in the Balls" t-shirt. » 8/17/05 10:19am 8/17/05 10:19am

eBay Deal of the Day: WiFi Speed Spray

Somebody is making something up, I think. However, anything scientific has to be true, including intelligent design, so this stuff must work. But don't take our word for it. » 8/09/05 11:25am 8/09/05 11:25am

eBay Deal of the Day: Non-Bootleg GBA Carts Plus Some Helpful Tips

It's not every day that you get an earful of counterfeit identification tips when browsing for a copy of Super Robot Taisen Wars, but it's a great feeling when you do. Astute reader Russ sent us one of his auctions complete with multiple images relating to real and fake GBA games, including a exegesis on each. Quite a… » 8/08/05 11:41am 8/08/05 11:41am

eBay Deal of the Day: Bug-eye Glasses

I'm not quite sure what these are for but they're quite handsome. I suspect Bono would look great in them belting out a few bars of "One" while he and the Edge count the money they could be sending to homeless orphans. Otherwise, I think they'll make mere mortals look kind of short-bus-y, kind of like the Slow Cousin… » 8/01/05 3:56pm 8/01/05 3:56pm

eBay Deal of the Day: Denture Motel

Speaking of Grandma, today's Deal of the Day would go great on that cherry end table with the old lamp on it that still has the dusty plastic slipcover over it. This is a Denture Motel, which suggests that this was created during the Roach Motel phase of pest removal marketing, thereby raising a number of unnerving… » 7/29/05 11:19am 7/29/05 11:19am

eBay Deal of the Day: Dalek Voice Modulator

I don't quite get what's going on here, but this appears to be some sort of early Vocoder that creates Dr. Who Dalek voices—or any other crazy noises—using old skool components. There are two inputs, one from a mic and one from an instrument, and one output. I suspect someone out there has some sort of electronics… » 7/28/05 10:28am 7/28/05 10:28am

eBay Deal of the Day: Boeing B-52 Bomb and Rocket Control Panel

The "gadget-girls" over at eBay have managed to get their hands on a nice piece of vintage memorabilia for all of those interested in death and destruction. This is the bomb and rocket control panel that was once in a B-52. Surprisingly this control panel is in excellent condition. All knobs and switches are in… » 7/27/05 3:44pm 7/27/05 3:44pm

Gizmodo eBay Strangeness Score Generator

Well, ask and you shall receive. Kind reader K sent us his homebrew GSS generator written in PHP. It's a fascinating piece of code using high-level algorithms and math to prove that the post length and number of uppercase characters can be used to measure the total insanity of any eBay post. Case in point: » 7/26/05 2:17pm 7/26/05 2:17pm

eBay Deal of the Day: Vampire Killing Kit

I would like to posit the following hypothesis: It is possible to multiply eBay posting length to the ratio of capital letters to lowercase letters in the post and thereby measure the relative strangeness of said poster. For example, this post is entirely in capital letters and goes on for pages. Based on our… » 7/26/05 11:06am 7/26/05 11:06am

eBay Deal of the Day: Swift Bedspecs Prism Glasses

So you and your lady friend are turning in for the night buy you'd love to get through that last chapter of "The Esquire Compilation of Humorous Stories Involving Policemen and Blondes." Well, have no fear. Now you can lay completely prone and still read a book. » 7/25/05 12:53pm 7/25/05 12:53pm

eBay Deal of the Day: Blinging Maxell VHS Necklace

Be the first bad boi on the block to sport this hot Maxell VHS Tape Necklace. It's bigger than Flava Flav's clocks, even. Even Nelly's beautiful Nelly necklace can't stand up to the glare coming off this handsome, yet stylishly understated, piece of jewelry/obsolete video recording medium. » 7/21/05 1:23pm 7/21/05 1:23pm

Ebay Deal of the Day: Picture of Someone's Chewed Up Licorice

I was kind of torn about posting this, but what are you going to do. This is an image of someone's "CHEWED UP & SPIT OUT RED VINES." Now, first off, that stuff in there is green, which is pretty weird. Second off, they posted "NON NUDE" in the headline, which makes me wonder where they're selling the nude version.… » 7/20/05 11:55am 7/20/05 11:55am

Ebay Deal of the Day: Mechanical Cow w/ Papers

There's not much I can say about Elsie that this eBayer hasn't already said. I think a beautiful animatronic cow is every boy's dream, so consider this for your cousin's Bar Mitzvah present. Trust me. He doesn't want a PSP. » 7/19/05 10:11am 7/19/05 10:11am

eBay Deal of the Day: Mannequin with Working Special Parts

As a special service to our readers, we have decided to introduce our eBay Deal of the Day, provided by our special eBay correspondent, Jurgen of LastMinute-Auction. Today's special find, straight from the annals of medical miscellany, comes this resuscitate mannequin with working vagina and rectum. » 7/18/05 1:43pm 7/18/05 1:43pm

Last Minute Auction Site

I don't know why I'm posting so many deals today. Maybe I'm all shiny-objected out and I'm crying because Joel is going. Anyway, friend of Gizmodo, Juergen, has created an incredible eBay SDK app that searches the 'Bay for stuff priced less than $1 with less than 1 hour to go. Sure, you're going to get a lot of dross,… » 7/15/05 12:00pm 7/15/05 12:00pm