Intel Smacked With Staggering $1.45 Billion Fine in Euro Antitrust Case

In the largest trust-busting fining in EU history—about twice as severe as the infamous Microsoft antitrust ruling of 2004 and a hair worse than the ensuing $1.44 billion penalty for noncompliance—Intel has been ordered to pay $1.45 billion by European Commission regulators. What the hell did they do?
»5/13/09 7:13am5/13/09 7:13am

EU to Apple, Big Four: EMI Deal Is Nice, But Suck on This Antitrust Investigation

The European Commission is investigating Apple and its good buddy EMI, along with the rest of the Big Four (Sony BMG, Universal and Warner) for antitrust violations because iTunes charges different prices in different countries. British folk, for instance, apparently get a sweet €0.17 discount per track for not living… »4/03/07 9:00am4/03/07 9:00am