That Other Map Was Wrong. This Is Your State's Real Favorite Music

You might've seen stories over the last couple of days about a map that misguided writers claim show every state's favorite music. Those stories are lies. This map by the same data nerd, Paul Lamere, shows the most popular artist in each state. Makes a lot more sense this time, huh? » 2/27/14 8:38am 2/27/14 8:38am

Make the Most Geographically-Correct Playlist for Your Roadtrip

One of the best things about road trips is all the music you get to listen to. So. Many. Good. Jams. But if you're on a long trip, you might find yourself running out of good songs to play. Roadtrip Mixtape is here to help build a playlist for your drive based on each city you pass through. » 6/20/12 8:00pm 6/20/12 8:00pm