A New Echolocation Algorithm Can Map Spaces Based on Sound Alone

There’s plenty of precedent for echolocation in the natural world: bats can navigate based on the echo of their chirrups; and blind humans, at least anecdotally, sometimes develop remarkable sound-based spatial skills. But using sound to accurately map a space in three dimensions? That’s new. » 6/24/13 3:19pm 6/24/13 3:19pm

Air Force Wants Bat-Senses In Micro Spy Drones For "Urban Combat"

We've seen bat-like » 10/30/08 12:15pm 10/30/08 12:15pm , and even heard of genuine , but now the Pentagon is after micro UAVs with genuine echolocation bat-senses, for real. The Air Force has just awarded a new contract to develop swarms of micro drones that use bat-inspired echolocation for navigation through the complex airspace in urban environments …