Tivo and Echostar DVR Patent Saga Ends With $104 Million Payout to Tivo

After getting resoundly swatted »10/06/08 3:30pm10/06/08 3:30pm in court by Tivo time and again for walking all over its patent for a "multimedia time warping system" (cool retro-future speak for a DVR), Echostar (now just Dish) is finally admitting defeat once and for all. Following in a US Appeals court earlier this year, Echostar appealed to the…

New Dish Network Satellite Launched, More HD Channels On the Way

In order to offer more HD channels, satellite providers need more satellites. So happy day for Dish Network subscribers, their EchoStar XI satellite was successfully launched this morning after a satellite propelled into space last March didn't reach the right orbit. This'll let Dish add 17 new HD channels shortly,… »7/16/08 11:30am7/16/08 11:30am

News Corp. Hires Hacker to Break Into Dish Satellite Network, Steal Security Codes for Pirate Cards

This is classic corporate espionage/sabotage at its finest. Dish Network is accusing News Corp.—which used to have a 39 percent stake in DirecTV and still provides its security tech—of hiring hacker Christopher Tarnovsky to break into Dish's network, steal the security codes, and use them to make pirated cards to… »4/24/08 6:30pm4/24/08 6:30pm

Tivo Defeats Echostar for Stealing DVR Patent in Epic Court Battle Once and For All

Two years after initially smacking down Echostar (now just Dish Network) in court for stepping on its patent for a "multimedia time warping system" (aka a DVR) Tivo has clinched final and lasting victory against the satellite provider. Dish Network subscribers won't have to worry about losing their DVRs or seeing… »4/11/08 3:11pm4/11/08 3:11pm

Patent Office Re-Koshers TiVo's Time Warp Patent Over EchoStar

TiVo already stomped EchoStar out in court a year and a half ago in a patent dispute over TiVo's "multimedia time warping system." Refresher: EchoStar cobbled together its own DVR setup, TiVo sued and won. EchoStar appeals to the US patent office for a review of TiVo's patent. Today: The PTO finds TiVo's patent to be… »11/29/07 2:20pm11/29/07 2:20pm

DirecTV and EchoStar Partner For WiMAX Internet Access

This deal between DirectTV, EchoStar (DISH's parent), and Clearwire (a WiMAX service provider) seems to be the first big solid WiMAX push in the US, if everything goes to plan. In the agreement two big satellite TV providers will get a broadband service of their own—something they apparently think they need to compete… »6/14/07 2:00pm6/14/07 2:00pm