A Cordless Canister Vac Lets This Robovac Clean More Than Just Floors

Even letting the cheapest of robo vacuums clean your floors is still better than wasting your precious time pushing an upright all around your home. But do you know where robovacs like the Roomba are still useless at cleaning? Everywhere other than your floors. So the new Deebot D77 from Ecovac includes a cordless,… »5/18/14 6:00pm5/18/14 6:00pm


Super Suction Lets This Window Cleaning Bot Stick To Glass

Designed to complement the Roomba, the Scuba, and the myriad of other cleaning robots that keep your floors spic and span, the new Winbot 7 uses its suction powers to stick to and clean your windows instead. So when it's available come April for somewhere around $400 to $500, you may never have to buy Windex or paper… »1/08/13 4:45pm1/08/13 4:45pm