Rumor: Father of Xbox J. Allard Is Leaving Microsoft in Huge Shakeup

The WSJ solidifies an intriguing post by Mary Jo Foley last week that J. Allard, the guy behind the Xbox, Zune and Courier—or more formally, the Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft's E&D division—is leaving after Steve Ballmer killed the Courier tablet project. » 5/25/10 1:16am 5/25/10 1:16am

Zune Flash Player in the Urban Jungle

Zunerama community member, ed, claims to have already purchased a new Zune flash player, days before the expected official release. Apparently, the player was acquired from an Office Depot in St. Louis. (Again, if any of you could somehow manage to get one to us before the launch, we'll cough up for them). Ed has not… » 11/10/07 10:00am 11/10/07 10:00am