How Soviet psychiatrists found the secret of cinema magic

Back in the 1920s, a group of Soviet psychiatrists discovered that film editing manipulates not only our sense of space and time but also our emotions. That's why editing is the magic sauce that brings a film to life—or kills it. But how is this possible? How did it come to be? This video tells you all about it. » 7/31/14 9:25pm 7/31/14 9:25pm

10 movies that show how great editing can turn movies into masterpieces

Editing is crucial for film. It can ruin a movie and it can turn a good movies into a masterpiece. It's a powerful weapon for filmmakers. CineFix has put together a top 10 list detailing what they think are the most effective editing moments of all time in the video below. It's obviously arbitrary, but it's a great… » 7/08/14 1:57am 7/08/14 1:57am

Tracking Shot: Free and Easy Pic 'n' Music Editing

Want to put together a quick and tasteful photo/music sequence? At Tracking Shot, upload some photos and a song, and the free Flash-based web app automagically mixes up a pictorial montage for you, syncing up your pics with the beat of your music. Tell it which pics are more important, select a few key areas of your… » 10/16/06 11:18am 10/16/06 11:18am