Asus Teases New Transforming Hinged Notebook/Tablet Combi

The pre-CES teasing is gathering pace, with Asus releasing a selection of close-up images of forthcoming tablet devices. The shots show a standard glassy slab—plus one that appears to imitate the Inspiron Duo's transforming netbook style. » 12/28/10 4:42am 12/28/10 4:42am

Asus Building Eee Pad to Counter Apple Tablet?

According to DigiTimes, Asus is building a "4- to 7-inch panel...which will offer a combination of tablet PC and MID functions." And given Asus' experience in cheap portables (inventing netbooks, remember?), the plan could be a perfect fit. [DigiTimes] » 12/10/09 8:14am 12/10/09 8:14am

Give Your Eee PC 900HA a Touchscreen

As one of the few tablet lovers here, I'm going crazy waiting for the Eee tablet netbook. Maybe instead, I ought to just make my own out of Eee 900HA like these guys. » 2/03/09 1:00am 2/03/09 1:00am