Now Available

This is the roundup of all the products we posted about before they were available to buy. However, these shiny new commodities have currently become... wait for it... Now Available! » 6/23/10 4:40pm 6/23/10 4:40pm

Asus EeeTop Multitouch All-In-One PC Leaked in Promo

The Asus EeeTop ET2010PNT has officially been espied in a promo shot, and it's apparently packing a multitouch 20-inch (1600x1000) screen and Nvidia Ion 2 graphics. Not too shabby! » 1/15/10 10:05am 1/15/10 10:05am

ASUS Puts Voice Recognition in 20-Inch Touchscreen EeeTop ET2002, Now…

ASUS likes to throw crap against the wall to see what sticks and in this case they put voice recognition into its newest EeeTop. The software is accurate, but I'm not seeing the need for it in a 20-inch PC. » 8/26/09 5:20pm 8/26/09 5:20pm

Asus Eees Getting Voice Recognition This Year

Who knows if it will work, but Asus wants to put "an end to the keyboard." So a variety of Eee products will roll out with voice recognition capabilities later this year. » 3/24/09 9:10am 3/24/09 9:10am

Asus Eee Top All-in-One Now Available for Preorder

Looking for an all-in-one but don't want to pay Apple-level prices? Well, the new Asus EEE Top is now available for preorder in the US. » 3/03/09 11:00am 3/03/09 11:00am

Asus All-In-One Eee Top Touches Down In Taiwan

Asus' long awaited all-in-one touchscreen PC, the Eee Top, is now out in the wild... at least in Taiwan. The 15.6-inch display “nettop” runs Windows XP and holds an Intel Atom N270 processor with 1GB of memory and a 160GB hard disk drive within its chassis. It also comes with a 1.3MP webcam, two integrated 4W… » 11/21/08 2:00am 11/21/08 2:00am

Touchscreen Eee PC Due Early 2009, Will Run Windows 7 Later Says Asus…

After the DIY » 10/21/08 4:25am 10/21/08 4:25am , and initial , official word is out that there'll be a touchscreen Eee PC next year. And that's from none other than the CEO, Jerry Shen, himself. The guys over at got the low-down from Shen, who confirmed the machine will exist by "early 2009," and will actually be running Windows 7 by mid 2009.…