Moog Minifoogers Pack Brain-Crushing Sound Into Affordable Stomp Boxes

Moog Music's new "Minifoogers" are a line of compact, analog effects pedals that'll allow you to warp the sound of your guitar or another electrified instrument in myriad ways. They're packed with all the Moog sound we've come to expect from the brand, without the high price tag its products usually command. »10/08/13 2:22pm10/08/13 2:22pm

The Effects Pedal For Effects Pedals Might Turn the Universe Inside Out

Scott Matthews, the son of Electro-Harmonix founder Mike Matthews, not only pointed me towards my favorite (Brooklyn-made) bicycle, but also once took me on a tour of the Electro-Harmonix guitar and effects pedal factory. Not only is it in the United States, when just about everything these days is made somewhere… »6/12/13 2:40pm6/12/13 2:40pm

OpenStomp Coyote 1 is Hackable Open Source Effects Pedal For Real Guitar Heroes

Anyone who is a fan of 1960s-era guitar idol mythology knows that crazy custom circuitry and effects pedals are nothing new. But the OpenStomp Coyote 1, the "world's first open-source guitar pedal" updates the trend for today's slightly more nerdy shredders, who can recreate the crazy circuit bending of yore in a… »8/26/08 9:45am8/26/08 9:45am