17 Ways You’re Wasting Money on Winter Heating and Lighting

Homeowners in northern states have already had to turn on their furnaces and boilers this fall. And a lot of them are already paying too much to make the house warm and keep the lights on. The thing is, you don't have to be a glutton to waste energy—many homeowners with good intentions still end up blowing money this… »11/12/12 3:20pm11/12/12 3:20pm

Student's CPU Patent Could Save Your Mobile Battery's Ass in the Future

Sometimes your computer's CPU uses a lot of electricity—like when you're encoding an HD video, or playing a game. Sometimes it doesn't use much, like when you're writing a college essay on some dead guy or browsing Craigslist. Modern processors are able to down-shift when less power is needed—but it's slow. Faster… »3/04/11 10:40pm3/04/11 10:40pm

Utah Researchers Throw Cold Water On Rosy OLED Efficiency Rates

The promise of an organic light emitting diode (OLED) is that it will eventually become a super-efficient, low-cost light source to replace our archaic dependency on incandescent bulbs and those oh-so-yesterday LCD TVs, among other things. Ultimately, OLEDs were expected to possibly supplant the already efficient… »8/17/08 10:00pm8/17/08 10:00pm

Researchers Squeeze 60% More Light Out of OLEDs With Tiny Lenses

Optics junkies at the University of Michigan have found a way to greatly boost the efficiency of OLEDs to produce 60% more light from the same amount of power as those previous, cranking out 70 lumens per watt. Their method uses a layer of five-micrometer-wide lenses mounted on top of a reflective grid, which coaxes… »7/23/08 3:40pm7/23/08 3:40pm

Osram Pushes White LEDS to World-Record Brightness, Super Efficiency

It's an interesting week in the world of LEDs: on the weekend we heard about ultra-cheap ones, and today Osram (yes, the lightbulb people) has news that they've pushed white LEDs to world-record brightness. By optimizing the diode, light converter and the package, their lab test squeezed 500 lumens out of a single LED… »7/22/08 4:33am7/22/08 4:33am

AeroCam Turbine First to be Blowin' in the Wind for Under $1 Per Watt

The "$1 per Watt" barrier may not sound as impressive as the sound barrier, but this next-gen wind turbine is the first, and has an unusual design. The AeroCam's horizontal-axis, flat-blade shape has blades that're dynamically angled to maximize wind-catching. It's also compact, so can fit into urban environments, and… »6/20/08 4:31am6/20/08 4:31am

Rough Nano-Wires Hold the Secret to Efficient Heat to Electricity Conversion

The latest edition of Nature magazine details a new method scientists have derived for converting heat energy into electricity, using silicon to instigate the conversion. Researchers have more investigations to carry out, but if preliminary findings are indicative of what is to come, appliances that charge using your… »1/13/08 7:25pm1/13/08 7:25pm

Stormblade Turbine is More Efficient, Quietly Neighbor-Friendly

Nobody wants a wind turbine in their backyard, because the things are noisy and kill birds. But now inventors at Stormblade Turbine might have made the windmill a neighborhood-friendly device, solving that noise problem while doubling the efficiency of current turbines. This weird-looking jet engine-on-a-stick is… »1/03/07 9:59am1/03/07 9:59am