Via VN1000 Chipset Classes Up Your Low-End PC With Power-Efficient Blu-ray and DX10.1 Support

Via's been on a roll lately with power-efficient products, and the VN1000 continues the trend. For those of you with lower-end desktops or all-in-one Windows 7 PCs, the VN1000's your chance at a full HD multimedia experience that's also a stingy power consumer. It supports Blu-ray and DX10.1, DDR3 system memory at… » 12/11/09 11:19am 12/11/09 11:19am

Kleer Audio Transmission 10x Energy Efficient as Bluetooth

If you thought your Bluetooth A2DP Stereo audio streaming to your speakers were cool, Kleer has a wireless audio solution that's supposedly 10x as energy efficient. Kleer Wireless Audio also uses the clogged invisible tubes that is the 2.4GHz spectrum, but is designed to work with home theatres and car audio… » 12/08/06 6:55pm 12/08/06 6:55pm