Meet the Rocketman Who Made Jet Fighters and Car Crashes Survivable

In the early jet fighter days, nobody knew how much G-force the human body could withstand. Testing the limits of survivability came down to human testing. Today, we owe much of that knowledge to Dr. John Paul Stapp, who strapped himself into a crazy rocket sled to see just what the human body could endure. »9/27/14 9:03am9/27/14 9:03am


Watch the Ejector Seat of the New F-35 Stealth Fighter Get Tested

Tests were recently conducted for the ejector seat system of the F-35 Lightning II, a new fighter jet that will be used by air forces around the world. The trials, which included deployment at speeds of up to 600 miles per hour, went great! Which in this case means the seat successfully rocketed out of the cockpit… »4/07/11 3:40pm4/07/11 3:40pm

NASA's New Ejector System Borrows Tech From Yesterday's Apollo Program

If something goes wrong with the upcoming space shuttle replacement program, and we hope it does not, this is what could save the astronauts' lives. As they hurdle hundreds of miles per hour into the heavens, and their ship begins to break apart, mission control will scream "ABORT!" (or perhaps something a bit more… »11/23/08 3:00pm11/23/08 3:00pm

When Pants Attack: A Cautionary Tale of G Suits and Planes

You may or may not have read reports last week about a Swedish fighter jet crashing in the Arctic Circle. So far, so what, you're probably saying—after all, there were no fatalities. And so began the questions. What caused the accident&madash;was it pilot error? The wrong kind of snow? Maybe a flock of seagulls flew… »4/26/07 4:00pm4/26/07 4:00pm