Election Is the Funniest Horror Movie About Ambitious Women Ever Made

Of all the teen comedies made in the 90s/early 00s, Election is often overshadowed by bigger hits like Clueless and Mean Girls. But the Alexander Payne-helmed high school election movie has clawed out a pop culture legacy through its maniacally driven female lead, Tracy Flick, the type-A striver epitomized. Flick… » 1/07/15 8:00pm 1/07/15 8:00pm

Inside Obama's Tech Team

There sure was plenty of tech involved in Obama's election campaign—including millions of virtual elections which were used to predict the future—but until now the team behind it has gone uncelebrated. » 11/15/12 6:41am 11/15/12 6:41am

Romney Staffers Publish Sad Victory Website by Mistake

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama was re-elected, which means, of course, that Mitt Romney lost. But if Romney had won, the president-elect would have needed a website. It makes sense that his staffers would have prepared one. But if the fool who accidentally published it wasn't already out of a job, well, he should… » 11/08/12 10:27am 11/08/12 10:27am

Top 25 Nate Silver Facts

Wow, this Nate Silver guy sure is something. His relentless statistical simulations called the election perfectly, like months before it even happened, and he stuck to his guns while right-wing pundits dismissed his models as voodoo from their televised mountaintops. » 11/07/12 1:19pm 11/07/12 1:19pm

America Tweeted Till Its Fingers Bled Last Night (Updated)

Twitter was overrun with hashtags and drunk punditry as the returns form presidential election came in last night. We were there, and so was pretty much all of America. Or you'd think so when you look at the freaking numbers. Reuters reports that democracy-loving tweeters fired off some 31 million election related… » 11/07/12 11:29am 11/07/12 11:29am

Your President for the Next 4 Years Barack Obama Just Probably Tweeted…

After the networks gave the presidential victory to President Barack Obama, his Twitter account sent out a few tweets talking about the victory. One of those tweets has been retweeted so much in the past hour that it's very probably the most popular tweet of al time. » 11/07/12 12:36am 11/07/12 12:36am

Not as popular but arguably even better. []

How Mitt Romney's Plane Gets Stripped of Mitt Romney Now That He Lost

We all know that Air Force One transports the President around but what about the presidential candidate? Well for Mitt Romney, he used an airplane from a small airplane company in Michigan who will get it back now and have to "de-Romneyize" it: strip the logos, change the seats and clean it up. » 11/06/12 11:45pm 11/06/12 11:45pm

Ten People To Follow on Twitter for Election Night Only

If there's ever an occasion to have a one night stand on Twitter, this is it. It's the night of the 2012 Presidential Election, and a few key people are sure to have something to say as the evening unfolds. Here's a look at the names we'll be checking over the next few hours. Try them out, and—who knows—you might just… » 11/06/12 6:45pm 11/06/12 6:45pm

What Network Are You Watching the Election On?

Time to switch off G4 and MTV Jams—it's Election Night, and that means you're about to freebase news for the next several hours. What's your flavor? » 11/06/12 6:04pm 11/06/12 6:04pm

Apps for Democracy-Loving Voters

The 2012 elections are upon us. This year, more than any other election in history, voters will have access to an unprecedented amount of information—in real time. What's more, social media will allow voters to broadcast their voting experience to their networks, and to the world. » 11/06/12 3:30pm 11/06/12 3:30pm

A free mobile app that features…

The Empire State Building Will Track Election Results In Bright, Shiny…

ABC and NBC News may have hijacked Times Square and Rockafeller Plaza's ice-rink, respectively, for tonight's presidential potato sack race. But CNN will actually project their real-time results where the whole city (and country) can see: the Empire State Building. » 11/06/12 2:54pm 11/06/12 2:54pm

America: People Are Googling "Who Is Running for President" Right Up to…

America, the Great Republic, is holding her elections today. And her voters, you voters, are, uh, still frantically Googling to find out who's running for President. » 11/06/12 12:50pm 11/06/12 12:50pm

Is It Illegal To Instagram Your Vote?

This may sound familiar: a friend of yours posts a picture of her completed ballot, shot moments ago, inside a New York City voting booth. Was it legal to take that photo to begin with? In a surprising number of states, this simple act—one you've no doubt seen repeated on Instagram and Facebook dozens of times… » 11/06/12 11:49am 11/06/12 11:49am

This Voting Machine Won't Let You Vote for Obama (Updated: It Happened…

If this is what it looks like, it's terrifying: an electronic voting machine that won't let you vote for who you want to vote for. » 11/06/12 11:31am 11/06/12 11:31am

Why Is the GOP Changing Voting Machine Software Right Before the…

Just last month, Ohio's Republican Secretary of State okayed the installation of software updates to electronic voting machines. Nobody is entirely sure what the patches do. But they're located in perhaps the election's most crucial state. This is worrying. » 11/06/12 10:42am 11/06/12 10:42am

How Astronauts Vote from Space

NASA Astronauts, who are true American heroes, aboard the ISS can vote in the presidential election tomorrow too. How? It's not like there are any polling stations near them. Well, it's sort of like an absentee ballot but obviously different because it's from FREAKING SPACE. » 11/05/12 10:00pm 11/05/12 10:00pm