Tactics and Strategies in the First Real Internet Election

When you go to the polls next Tuesday, no matter who you vote for, you will be motivated by words, images and videos you picked up online. There are some voters who don't use the internet to gather information about candidates, but that number is dwindling, while the number of ways candidates can reach you online is… » 10/29/08 1:15pm 10/29/08 1:15pm

Easily Find Your Polling Place Via Google Maps

If you've navigated the tangle of state, city or local election board websites, you know how much they suck. And if you've lost the little reminder you get in the mail (my mailbox is full of spiders and credit card offers; I don't open it), Google has created a custom map to help you find your polling place on… » 10/23/08 5:45pm 10/23/08 5:45pm

Dvice's Voting Machines Map Shows Us Just Where the Election Will Be…

With the election coming up in a mere two weeks, our friends over at Dvice decided to take a very in depth look at the technology behind all of the states voting machines and just how susceptible they are to both malicious hacking and human error. What results is a beautiful interactive map » 10/20/08 12:00pm 10/20/08 12:00pm

Microsoft Surface Predicts the Election with McCain and Obama…

MSNBC had an impromptu demonstration of its new Microsoft Surface table this morning, and gave political analyst Chuck Todd a chance to play with his dollies. At first, the goateed Todd moved states around, zooming, coloring and highlighting with his finger. Though he didn't really have a full handle on all the… » 9/08/08 5:40pm 9/08/08 5:40pm

iPhone Election '08 App: Watch Your Faith in America Get Destroyed in…

If you're ever pulled away from the constant spew of talking heads, meaningless statistics and rhetorical bile parading itself as election news in order to fill the gaping 24/7 news cycle—you know, to do something other than wallow in political witticisms not half as sharp as as Jon Stewart's » 9/04/08 3:59pm 9/04/08 3:59pm