This Is the Real Political Map of America—We Are Not That Divided

This is the real political map of the United States of America after the presidential election. A fascinating view, much different from the maps you saw that night, which showed an artificial, binary divide. But these maps demonstrate that there is not such a huge gap between rural and urban America. » 11/13/12 5:09pm 11/13/12 5:09pm

Romney Staffers Publish Sad Victory Website by Mistake

On Tuesday, President Barack Obama was re-elected, which means, of course, that Mitt Romney lost. But if Romney had won, the president-elect would have needed a website. It makes sense that his staffers would have prepared one. But if the fool who accidentally published it wasn't already out of a job, well, he should… » 11/08/12 10:27am 11/08/12 10:27am