Who Has the Worst Technology Gimmicks in Their Election Night Coverage?

Cable news is typically a spewing valve of yelling heads in strategically fair and balanced suits screaming franken-words that sound intelligent but really only exist to make your blood curdle and/or ooze out of your ears. A lot of people hate that. I don't because they're all freaking hilarious when it comes to using… »11/06/12 8:30pm11/06/12 8:30pm


Why is Family Guy Playing Above CNN’s Magic Wall on Election Night?

If you are like most Americans tonight, you are probably tuned in to CNN, analyzing everything you see—even those television screens about the Magic Wall. And if you're looking over the wall, you might catch Family Guy »11/04/08 11:15pm11/04/08 11:15pm running on screens above all that red and blue. It wouldn't be the first time we'd catch these guys