World's most powerful electric motorcycle looks like the future

This brawny futuristic mini tank on two wheels is supposedly the world's most powerful electric motorcycle. The battery-powered beast can re-charge its 12.8kWh juice pack in 30 minutes and has the power of a 1000cc motorcycle. Called the Voxan Wattman, the bike can hit 0-60mph in less than 3.4 seconds and reach a top… »12/06/13 12:21am12/06/13 12:21am

Japanese Scientists Miss The Point, Design Self-Stabilizing Electric Bike

OK, I'll admit that this self-stabilizing bike is clever: it's kind of a Segway turned sideways, using gyros to detect if it's off-balancing, and adjusting the steering automagically to compensate. It's also a standard electric bike, so it propels you along without needing any annoying foot-power: very 21st Century… »11/05/08 7:36am11/05/08 7:36am

LongRanger Electric Bike Won't Win Any Beauty Contests, But It'll Get You There

Take a stack of car batteries, design a bicycle around it, and you have the build-it-yourself LongRanger electric bike, whose practicality certainly outdistances its dog-ugly appearance by a country mile. In the video, marvel at the quiet of this DIY electro-bike, and then check out this shot, giving you a good idea… »12/27/07 11:32am12/27/07 11:32am

Electrobike Pi Gives You 3.14 Reasons to Get Rid of Your Car

Hop on the Electrobike Pi, and through the courtesy of your two feet and its 1hp motor, no one will ever be able to blame you for global warming again. Three reasons? It's efficient, it's fun, it's socially responsible and it looks cool. Okay, maybe the cool look is the ".14" reason. It still has a carbon footprint (a… »9/27/07 10:14am9/27/07 10:14am