Everything This Electric Bike Needs Is Crammed Into Its Front Left Fork

It's usually pretty easy to spot an electric bike coming down the road. Besides the lack of pedaling, they also feature over-sized frames packed with batteries, or bulbous hubs on the side of the wheels for the electric motor. But not Electrolyte's e-bikes. All of the required components—including the battery,… »7/11/13 9:38am7/11/13 9:38am

Electric Bikes Are Now Wireless, and Can Charge Gadgets via USB

I loved riding about town when testing a GoCycle electric bike, but must admit the cable that snaked around the frame sometimes got in the way of the pedals, if I didn't do it up right. The Shadow Ebike is the first electric bike that houses its Daymak Drive controller in the front wheel, alongside a lithium-ion… »2/25/11 5:00am2/25/11 5:00am