What's Your Preferred Method of Electric Beard Mitigation?

Just because winter's coming on doesn't mean you have to go full-blown Grizzly Adams simply to keep your face warm (they have scarves for that). But if shaving foam and water are too much of a hassle every morning and the thought of having a stranger flick a six-inch long blade about your jugular area leaves you… »10/24/12 2:40pm10/24/12 2:40pm


Question of the Day: Do You Prefer an Electric or Manual Shaver?

Every other day it seems like a new manual razor is hitting the market advertising "the closest shave ever" by throwing in extra blades or lubed comfort strips. And let's not forget that there are plenty of electric shavers out there if you have sensitive skin or you want to save a little time. As I was shaving my… »8/18/08 5:00pm8/18/08 5:00pm